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12 days of Huvgsul lake tour including the best NP's and the best spots Vist the the National Parks of Central Mongolia with stunning nature and to see the endangered animals.

$1350 / per person

Govi, Central and Western Mongolian mixed adventure trip

$5250 / per person
23 Days 22 Nights

This tour will help you to see the best places of Central Mongolia including Gorhi Terelj National Park Khustai National park the ancient Capital City of Mongolia – Kharkhorin Erdenezuu Monastery-Ulaan Tsutgalan-Tuvkhun Monastery-Taikhar Chuluu- Khorgo Volcano Mountain-Terhiin Tsagaan Nuur and Ugii Nuur lakes

$1870 / per person
11 Days 10 Nights

Experience the Nomadic Lifestyle once in your lifetime

$1687 / per person
9 Days

Photographing and filming the wild animals like argali, the wild sheep, ibex and snow leopards in the Altai Mountains

$2830 / per person
10 Days

Govi Roundtrip for a week with Dinosaur footprints, Grand canyons and experience the daily life of Camel herders.

$1200 / per person
15 Days

A week trip around Central Mongolia incuding historical sites and National Parks

$1200 / per person
8 Days 7 Nights

A week moto tour in Central Mongolia. Visit the National Parks of Central Mongolia on a bike. Feel the freedom!

$900 / per person
8 days 7 nights