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Govi, Central and Western Mongolian mixed adventure trip

Price $5250 23 Days 22 Nights
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Govi, Central and Western Mongolian mixed adventure trip

$5250 per person


• 3 – 4 $5250 per person

• 5 – 8 $4198 per person

• 9 – 12 $3999 per person

23 Days 22 Nights
15+ Age
  • Departure
    Ulaanbaatar Altai mountain range
  • Departure Time
    Approximately 8:30 PM.
  • Dress Code
    Casual. Comfortable athletic clothing, hiking shoes, hat and warm jacket.
  • Included
    All Museum Tickets
  • Not Included
    Personal Guide
    Typical Souvenir
Day 1: Departure
We will start our trip stopping over by the Grand Statue of Chinggis Khaan at Tsonjin Boldog complex and continue driving to the Baga Gazriin Chuluu Rocky Mountains with 1768m height, granite Rock Mountain in the territory of Adaatsag village, Dundgobi aimag. It is a place with unique scenery that many tourists compare with lunar scenes. There are few caves which were once rich in minerals and crystals. Another interesting site in the area is remains of a Buddhist temple from 17th century. Great place for short hiking Optional homestay or camping out Currently there are two existing ger camps and plus third new upcoming one
Day 2: Adventure Beggins
Head towards to Tsagaan Suvraga or most commonly known as White Stupas. Tsagaan Suvraga is located in Ulziit soum, Middle Gobi province and the name White Stupa is given by local people to the impressive and legendary cliffs which are eroded by natural phenomenon. Having 10 million years history the cliff indicates different times by its colored layers. This 40 meter high white cliff is located in the vast steppe neighboring to another red cliff in west and grassland hills in the north. By 1990’s Mongolian famous compositor Mr.Jantsannorov visited to this cliff and he has great impression from the colorful view of the cliff and he composed his famous symphony White Stupa. The place is known as one of the hottest destinations of Middle Gobi province to see sheer slopes that are facing east and which from a distance may also look like an abandoned haunted city ruin
Optional homestay or camping out Currently there are two existing ger camps
Day 3
Head towards to Yoliin Am also most commonly known as Ice Canyon by visitors. Famed for its rich bird habitat, Yoliin Am or commonly known as (Vulture’s Gorge) was originally established as a bird preserve and later for its stunning beauty and great hiking options Yoliin Am became one of the major destinations in Gobi. Depending on the snowfall in the winter, sometimes deep frozen ice would remain until mid July. Those towering mountain cliffs and plus ice gives you the coolest feelings in hot days of desert. Also there are some rare opportunities to see some wild lives such as ibex and wild sheep. As we hike, we will be escorted with one of the cutest, yet common rodent of the valley, Pika Depending on the weather you can camp out for the better experience or if you would like to stay at the ger camps most reasonable rate ones are : Khanbogd ger camp or Dungenee
Day 4
Next morning drive to Khongoriin Els. Stretched along the narrow rift valley of the Gobi Altai Mountain range, the Khongoriin Els or which is also known Singing Sand dunes offer great dune climbing and “surfing” opportunities with spectacular views of the desert land within these rocky mountains. Those sand dunes lay around with 100kms length and 3-5kms width. When the sand shifts, the vibration caused sounds almost like a light whistling. A great spot for a wonderful sunset. Also you will have opportunities to encounter some parts of daily nomadic lifestyle in a camel breeding family and be part of it too. Stay in a ger camp
Day 5
Carry on heading to Bayan Zag, renowned as “The Flaming Cliffs” by an American explorer for its dramatic shapes and colors (especially at sunset). Once the bottom of a sea, the Gobi offers spectacular views, colorful landscapes. Presenting the first dinosaur eggs ever to be found in the history of world paleontology, Bayan Zag still offers numerous fossils yet to be found. The area is also known as mini version of Grand Canyon. Together with this famous dinosaur site, so called Gobi forest of Saxaul trees co-exist here to provide more color and beauty to this landscape. Stopover by Khavtsgait Mount petro glyphs which features some unique features of animals such as deer, snow leopard, ibex that once used to and still exist in Gobi
Day 6
We will drive to Ongiin Khiid, where you can see the ruins of a big monastery ruins on the bank of the Ongi River. This monastery used to have 28 temples and other buildings on the south slope of the Rocky Mountain like Balsa. Today we you will see some remains of temple ruins and stupa. This monastery had about 1000 lamas and it was destroyed during the Stalinist purges in 1930s. The Ongiin Khiid was one of the biggest monasteries in Gobi’s area of Mongolia Stay in Secrets of Ongi ger camp
Day 7
Drive to Zorgol Khairkhan mountain which is located in the distance of 180 km-s south east of Ulaanbaatar. This granite rock high mountain is sacred and worshipped by local people for various reasons. According to Mongolian tradition, local people refuse to call this mountain name, when they are close to the mountain. It has some natural cold springs that are used for medical treatments by locals, and holy peaks, where only men are allowed to climb. The mountain is very rich with medical plants and mystical stories. There is a beautiful small salt lake called Khariin next to the mountain in the east. Local people call it as the Princess lake and it is the main drinking water for the local herds of animals Only option homestay
Week 2
Day 9 Drive to Orkhon valley to see the Orkhon waterfall and staying in a ger camp. Day 10 Drive to Kharkhorin, the old capital if Mongolia, visit Erdenezuu monastery which is one of the non ruined monasteries by the Soviet Union time. Stay in a comfortable ger camp Day 11 Drive to Terhiin Tsagaan Nuur lake where you can see the dead volcano mountain, hiking in top, filming and photo shoots by the lake. Yak riding on the way there by a perfect spot named Taikhar Chuluu. Stay in a ger camp on the way. Day 12 Drive to Khuvsgul lake and stay on the way in a camp located in the woody mountains and the view is amazing. We will have to stay because the distance between the two lakes are quite far, about 280 kms dirt road and 120 kms are paved road. Day 13 Drive to Khuvsgul lake which is the purest lake in Mongolia to see the reindeer people, reindeers and shamans. Horse riding, to go deep in the lake by boat and seeing the Wish Rock will be good options. Stay in a teepee with shower and everything
Day 13 Drive back to UB - Ulaanbaatar, and we will see Amarbaysagalant monastery on the way which is located in Bulgan Province. Meet the monks, photo shooting with them and it is one of the oldest monasteries with a super beautiful nature around. Stay in a ger camp Day 14 Drive to UB and stay in a hotel
Week 3
Day 15 Fly to Bayan Ulgii Province where you can se the Kazakh ethnicity, eagle hunters and eagle huntresses, highest peak of Mongolia and the Kazakh culture. Stay in a get camp by a beautiful lake named Tolbo Day 16 Drive to Altai Tavan Bogd NP where you can see the highest peaks, glaciers and hunters. Stay by the park entrance in a comfortable rental ger. Day 17 Ride horses and camels to the glaciers and the highest peaks because driving there is prohibited. We will need a special border permit form the army barracks in Bayan Ulgii and it will be all arranged. Because the area is the intersection of three countries which are Mongolia, China and Russia. Camping is the onliest option there. Day 18 Ride back to the park entrance and drive to Khoton and Khurgan lakes NP where you can see beautiful, snowy Altai mountains covered with forest, beautiful lakes and staying with eagle hunters family is a good option. Seeing their lifestyle, photo shooting with eagle hunters in their traditional costumes, eagle on hands on a horse Day 19 Drive to Altai soum which borders with Xinjiang province in China and visit the most famous eagle hunters around the town. See how train the young eagles, calling them from the distance, go live hunting for and photo shooting with eagle hunters and huntresses Day 20 Drive back to Bayan Ulgii province, visit black market, handcraft and souvenir shops. Stay in a hotel Day 21 Breakfast and fly to UB. Leaving party in a restaurant and stay in a 4 star hotel Day 22 Breakfast and airport transfers