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Aerial view of Western Mongolia

We are a local tour operator company experienced on authentic, special and fantastic trips to Central and Western Mongolian regions. Awarded by the nomination of “ The Best Tour Operator” in 2015.

Western Mongolia is famous for its beautiful lakes and higher points of Mongolia. Altai mountains is one of the most beautiful destinations for travellers. You can take a direct fly to Ulgii city, to enjoy another culture in a same country.

Rivers and water

Aerial view of Western Mongolia

The rivers of Mongolia belong to the inland catchment basins of the Arctic Ocean, the Pacific Ocean and Central Asia Inland Basin. The higher and middle Selenge, the biggest river in the country and part of the Yenissei river belongs to the Arctic Ocean drainage basin. In the northern and western mountainous parts of Mongolia, the water network is of high density. The southern central and south eastern parts of the country have a few rivers and other water resources and they are usually situated in depressions without any outflows