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Tsagaan Uur

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East of Lake Kuvsgul is Tsagaan Uur sum, of interest primarily for the mysterious Dayan Derkhii cave. The cave is located at a site called Erdene Bulgan, on the east bank of the Tsagaan Uur River, 30 kilometres southeast of the sum center. The cave is ancient and well-known pilgrimage site where a deified shaman was venerated. According to legend, Dayan Delkhii was a shaman who was turned into a spirit of the surrounding stones and hills. His cult and not limited to Khuvsgul, but can be found throughout Mongolia among the Khalkha, Uriankhai and Buryats. Dayan Derkhii was considered the patron of shamanistic initiations, and Mongols used to come here from the south of the country to venerate him. The cave, 30 meters long, is one of the most impressive in Mongolia, with more than ten side galleries, dozens of openings, and a mineral spring.